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Apr 27, 2006

Podcast 158 :
Programas finales   de la serie "The Best of The Beatles"(9 y 10) de la BBC, con explicación en españoll, especialmente para estudiantes y profesores del idioma Ingles. Mas informacion... en
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Carlos Toledo Verdugo
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almost ten years ago

Your book came to NSCC library and Carolyn Jeans from HR read, then gave to me. PFS is so porweful. I sent you a tweet before I saw the BIG talk to me button must be my 3D glasses ha-ha! Time has sure flown since you left here in '09. I'm praying your sons are doing well. I'll be retiring come June 30, 2013. Looking forward to being with family and friends, that is, more than just a short week-end. So very proud of you and your writings; which are amazing, inspirational, and so uplifting! Thank you for praying for strangers and writing the PFS book of encouragement. If our world only knew the power of prayer, if only so we pray! Much love and prayer I send to you,Polly